Organ Pedalboard

The pedalboard can be used in combination with the B4 Controller to control any virtual organ software. It also can be used separately with any other combination of keyboards and controllers.

The pedalboard transmits standard MIDI notes. The volume pedal also sends its position as standard MIDI control values. The keys are velocity sensitive but also can be set to a fixed velocity.

Sustain pedal

For the use in scenarios other than the replication of the classic Hammond B3 setup, a special function has been implemented that allows to temporarily set one of the sharp keys to act as a sustain pedal. The selected sharp key then won’t activate a note but instead will control the sustain on an attached keyboard. This can come in handy when playing traditional keyboard sounds like piano or electric piano on the attached controller. Typically C# or D# to the left of the volume pedal are used in this case.